GAMDIAS Hades Laser Extension Gaming Mouse Review


[section_title title=”Closer Look”]Closer Look

Right, time to get a good close look at the Hades.

closer front

Starting off at the front we can see the hades has a reasonably clean design, personally I don’t like the way the side panels protrude from the main body but that is a compromise of function over form so I don’t consider it a real negative. In the middle we can also see the scroll wheel which has clear sections on either side due to it being illuminated. There is a textured finish to the mouse, I have to say at first its not very nice but after a few days of use it seems to have smoothed out a bit whilst remaining fairly grippy.

closer side

Taking a look at the left hand side the two main things we can notice here are the two thumb buttons and the shape of the side panel. As you can see from the profile it is a claw grip style mouse. One thing that is of note here is we are missing the ‘sniper’ dpi switch that is becoming a near mainstay of FPS mice in this price range, so its exclusion may disappoint some.

closer top

Taking a look at the mouse from the top we can see that it is of an ambidextrous design, so lefties take note. We can also see the outline of the logo at the back which glows when the mouse is powered on.

closer side2

The right hand side is identical to the left, as per the ambidextrous design.

closer top3

Taking a look at the top towards the front we can see in more detail our scroll wheel and also the dpi switch. The DPI switch itself is a good (if bog standard) feature to have, but it would be much better to have a plus and a minus switch as having to go through all of your DPIs to toggle back to the one you want is a bit of a pain, I ended up alt tabbing and changing it in the software which is hardly ideal.

closer underneath

Here we have the underside of the mouse, a standard affair with a very inconspicuous looking sensor, feet around the edges and a variety of certification logos.

closer sidepanles

Here is a shot showing the various side panel options, this is a really cool feature in my opinion as you could even mix and match on left and right to your preference.

closer cable

Finally we have the cable, and as you can see the USB connector is a custom design which is a nice touch and it is also gold plated which is always nice. Topping it all off is an excellent quality braid on the cable which always gives devices a more premium feel.

So, a mixed bag for me here but on the whole I’d say the mouse is well presented, lets move on and take a look at the software!



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