Gamdias Zeus eSports Edition Review


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The Gamdias software for the Zeus sticks with the Greek mythology theme and is named Hera. It’s obvious from the off the software has had more effort put into it than the Hephaestus which is great, even if the theme is perhaps a touch too much.

It’s hard to ignore the feeling that everything has been thrown at the Hera software and it does come across as a bit much, but, the functionality is definitely here. Down the left-hand side Gamdias have got the usual suspects covered along with a rather interesting muscle map tab, sound editing and recording function as well as an Olympics (“Check out your statistics of different kinds of skills at Olympics”) tab that didn’t do anything at the time of review.


Of course, the individual buttons can be switched out from the default values and functions and assigned new roles from everything to quick program launches, media functions, Skype functions (personal favourite), or even disabled.

Diving into the most crucial tab of the software, there is nothing missing here that you would need. Gamdias have got the DPI, lift-off, acceleration and other functions all covered in addition to decoupling of the X & Y axis. Again, the theming clashes with the CRT like scanlines forming the backdrop of vertical spaced settings – it could certainly be better.

Last but not least is something I haven’t seen before and the Muscle Memory tab is essentially a heat map of your time with the mouse. For anyone who knows my reviews well, League of Legends is my most played game and it shows through here with the right mouse having close to a 60% split of clicks compared to the left. That’s a lot of (missed, most likely) creep score.

I think the intention beyond your own curiosity of the muscle memory tab is to see where you can improve your usage of the Zeus’ armoury. It’s clear that my button Gamut of 5 keys is mainly due to those being the keys most integral to my play style across LoL and FPS games. When you consider Gamdias advertise their mouse as having 11 configurable buttons, I’m using less than half of what is on offer.



The Hera software caters to the functionality aspect of the form:function equation but there is definitely room for improvement. The non-functioning Olympics tab, questionable UI and rather odd design decisions such as the apply/save button being located next to the minimise button stop the Hera software from being as easy to use as competing solutions. However software changes are quick to enact and there are even features here such as the Memory Muscle and Sound tab(s) that I’ve not seen in software suites from big hitters. Per executable profile loading is in, too, for those who want to their time with the Zeus even more streamlined.


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