Gamdias Zeus eSports Edition Review


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Arguably the biggest selling point of the Zeus is the configurable nature of the mouse in regards to its physical appearance. I tried the mouse at its biggest setting as well as the smallest and personally found the smaller option to be preferable. Personally, I found this surprising as the larger setting certainly looks a lot more relaxed but the compressed Zeus felt a lot better for gaming. The right-side of the mouse highly encourages you to rest your ring and little finger along the grooves but as a result, your ring finger is constantly being rubbed when the RMB is pressed. Overall though, the Zeus is a comfortable design with good weight (I tested with the weights in).

Continuing on to the performance of the mouse itself, the Zeus is the first mouse I’ve felt needed to be broken in of sorts. The LMB/RMB were extremely stiff until after a day or two of solid clicking. Even coming towards the end of the testing period, the LMB felt noticeably harder – less responsive is probably more apt –  than the RMB, but coming back to the muscle map the RMB has been pressed a lot more during my testing. I personally took from this that the Gamdias feature claim of ’11 million clicks’ feels more reliable than the usual life cycle claim. It’s clear from my testing that some wearing in is needed compared to the usual snappy feel other mice straight out of the box and this may be something to bear in mind if you’re ultra competitive and don’t have the time to break it in.

How does the above translate to actual game performance? Quite well, actually. League of Legends took a while to get used to with the noticeably stiffer arrangement on the Zeus but once it had normalised performance was great – I only went up the ranked ladder during the review period for what it’s worth. Panning is fine and the side buttons have a confident click to them from the off and probably the best spacing I’ve come across on a gaming mouse. The two furthest back buttons aren’t a strain to reach and it’s easy to pick out which button is which without much consideration due to them being four buttons in a row.

Changing game to Battlefield 4 (and some Hardline) and the placement of buttons along the top rears its ugly head. Switching DPI up and down when getting in and out of vehicles isn’t ideal due to the button assignment. The default placement of the DPI buttons along the top isn’t too bad but as I’ve mentioned in previous reviews, it just isn’t fast enough and in some cases comfortable to stretch along the top of the mouse to use buttons located there. Thankfully the Gamdias placement isn’t as bad as other mice I’ve used and the functionality can be switched out easy enough via the Hera software. Battlefield tends to be more reliable test of the sensor pick-up and I didn’t detect any noticeable drift or jitter even when moving and switching DPI. The Hera software also allows you to define a “sniper button” temporary low-DPI function ideal for Battlefield or any other FPS.



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