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The front of the box is simple, yet features a nice design. In the top left we can see the Gigabyte logo while towards the bottom we can see the FORCE M63 FPS Gaming Mouse model. In the middle is a nice image of the FORCE M63 with a nice blue background to help and highlight the mouse.

Gigabyte Raptor FPS Gaming Mouse Packaging_2

Opening up the front cover and we get our first look at the FORCE M63 itself on the right alongside a little case that has the changeable weights inside. Over to the left and there is an image of raptor claws near the mouse and an image of a hand using a claw grip to use the mouse, coincidence? Probably not!

Gigabyte Raptor FPS Gaming Mouse Packaging_1

On to the back of the back and there is a bit more information on the mouse including things like the Sniper hot key, it’s 4000dpi sensor, the independently programmable keys, the weight system and the on-the-fly DPI changing switch.

Gigabyte Raptor FPS Gaming Mouse Packaging

Getting everything out of the packaging and we are able to see the mouse, weights and a user guide to help get us started on our way to enjoying the mouse.

Gigabyte Raptor FPS Gaming Mouse

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