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Lets start off the review with a look at the packaging the headset comes in.

cloud 1

The front of the box features the HyperX and cloud branding, note the absence of any Kingston logos which tells us they really want HyperX to be its own brand, like Corsair have just done with Corsair Gaming. We also have some feature talk in the middle and the decleration that the headset is designed in Sweden.

cloud 2

One side of the box talks in more detail about some of the design features, such as the aluminium touches and the detachable microphone.

cloud 3

The opposite side of the box just features a bit of blurb detailing the involvement of QPAD in the design of the headset.

cloud 4

The rear of the box has a full on labelled diagram of the headset which is a nice visual way to describe its key selling points.

cloud 5

Opening the box we are confronted with…another box. It is a completely plain box minus the large HyperX lettering.

cloud 6

Splitting the two sides of the box presents us with a message from the HyperX general manager on the left and our first peek at the headset and some of its accessories on the right.

cloud 7

In the box we have (deep breath): replacement fabric ear cups, a large carry bag, our in line audio controller, a large aux extension cable, a 2 into 1 aux splitter, a 1 into 2 aux block adapter and finally our detachable mic.

So as you can see, the packaging is pretty good albeit a bit complicated. It does go against my personal ideology of the faster you can get the product out the better, but considering the great included extras of the spare ear cup pads and the carry bag, as well as all the cables for the multi platform connectivity I honestly cant think of a way it could have been presented better. It certainly feels like an occasion unboxing the Cloud.

Lets move on for a closer look at the headset now.


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