Kingston HyperX Cloud Gaming Headset Review


[section_title title=”Closer Look”]Closer Look

Lets take a closer look at the headset, with the help of my trusty Luxa 2 E-One.

cloud 8

Taking a front on look at the headset you can see the large earcups in contrast to their slim aluminium supports and following those supports upwards you can see the distinctive white stitching along the edge of the headband. You can also see we have the slightly unusual arrangement of the wires leaving the headband and going into the earcups from the outside, it is obviously a product of the design and does look cool but it does make me worry about possible accidental damage.

cloud 9

Moving up to the top we have the headband, as you can see we have a very cool looking HyperX logo stitched into the leather and the contrast of the white stitching really pops and makes the headset look very attractive from this angle in my opinion.

cloud 10

Here we can see the left ear cup with the compact HyperX logo in the centre, surrounded by the white plastic that makes this the er..white edition. The aluminium present on the ear cup centre plate and obviously the entire ear cup mount/adjustment rail really gives the headset a high end feel, as well and making the build quality feel very solid.

cloud 11

The right ear cup is obviously very similar with the exception of the missing wire.

cloud 12

Taking a closer look at the earcups we can see that the pleather padding is fairly generous at the price point although I would like to see it be a bit thicker personally. On the right ear cup you can see there is a bit of a panel gap on the two parts of the molding where the curve stops; personally that bothers me a bit. Lets be real though, when that is all I have to moan about we’re looking pretty good!

cloud 13

Finally we have our cable that comes from the headset (not using any of the copious adapters) which features a pretty good braid and gold plated connectors.

Personally I really like the design of the headset, the white on black contrast is a great look and should please many whilst the quality really outstrips the price point.



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