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When Logitech first contacted me about potentially stress testing a selection of their products, I was excited to say the least.  This is what I do for a living and not only that, it is my passion in life so I jumped at the chance.  Fast forward a couple of months and I finally got the go ahead from Logitech to have some fun with 3 of their main products, the G430 gaming headset, the G602 gaming mouse and the beastly G19s gaming keyboard.

Logitech themselves were founded in 1981, in Apples, Switzerland and have been one of the cornerstones for decades in the world of peripherals.  With a plethora of gaming related products including the legendary G5 and G7 mice, the amazing  C920 HD webcam and the first mouse to feature laser tracking and illumination, the MX 1000.  A lot of companies over the past 5 years have been staking their claim on the peripheral market and some of them have become huge influences on gamers and users alike, Razer being one of them.

The purpose of this isn’t to determine which brand is the best, but to show how durable the aforementioned Logitech products are, and to see if they can can handle “stress” such as rage fits, fast clicking and even testing the mouse on multiple surfaces.  How will each of the Logitech products do in their own separate tests?  Well it’s time to find out, starting with the Logitech G602 mouse…


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