Logitech G Extreme Stress Testing


[section_title title=Logitech G602 Testing]Logitech G602 Testing

Starting out with the Logitech G602 wireless gaming mouse, ever since first using this mouse I completely fell in love with it.  It is relatively lightweight but not too light, it has a plethora of buttons which are re-programmable and it is of course wireless; something I have avoided for a long time!

The main tests for the mouse are as follows:

–          Click test

–          Scroll wheel test

–          Surface test

Click Test

To test the durability of the click on the Logitech G602 mouse, I used a website called cookie.riimu.net which has a web based application which allows you to measure click speed, with pretty accurate data/information.


As you can see from the video, I really do suck at speed clicking!  But I however have some data which is as follows:

# Clicks Time Clicks/s Cookies CPS %
4 4 1.00s 4.00 4 4.0
3 288 39.77s 7.24 288 7.2
2 46 6.82s 6.74 46 6.7
1 91 15.71s 5.79 91 5.8

My average clicks per second (CPS) over the 4 attempts was 5.9 which I consider to be pretty decent for someone as bad at clicking as I am.  The best attempt was number 3 which resulted in a total click count of 288 in a time of 39.77, with a CPS of 7.2; my best ever.  Even after spam clicking, hammering that button, it remains in 100% sound working order so all in all, the Logitech G602 passed the click test in terms of durability with flying colours.

Scroll Wheel Test

To test the durability of the scroll wheel, I used the game located at the100meterscroll.com.  This game features a running track themed scroll-a-thon which measures distance against time etc.  I decided to do a full minute stint of scroll wheel bashing and I achieved a pathetic 9 metres in 1 minute.

The mouse wheel on the G602 mouse is rubber and doesn’t have as much resistance as other mice I have used over the years so it made the job pretty easy, but this also meant that the durability is good as less force = less wear in my opinion.  Another resounding pass for the Logitech G602 wireless gaming mouse.

Surface Test

The surface testing was very fun overall and yielded some very surprising and not so surprising results.  Obviously the Logitech G602 gaming mouse is intended for use on a mouse mat but what if you are at the beach?  Gaming on your sofa?  Or even have no surface and need to use a helium balloon?  Well below are the different results via a screen capture, with the video on the final page containing the main video demonstrating each test; bar the click/scroll testing.



Birthday Balloon


Overall the Logitech G602 gaming mouse managed to do very well in the sensor testing on the different surfaces, especially on the cushion meaning that you could probably get away with gaming on your sofa/pillow without too much of a negative impact on gameplay; unless you are playing CS:GO and trying to AWP etc.  The balloon was the trump test and it actually worked better on the balloon than the sand and cushion; albeit whilst trying to fly off, last time I use helium balloons!

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