Logitech G Extreme Stress Testing


[section_title title=Logitech G430 Testing]Logitech G430 Testing

The Logitech G430 gaming headset is another product I have become fond of over the past couple of weeks and have currently have my SteelSeries Siberia Elites stashed in my storage box!  Aside from the decent audio quality, they have a more comfortable fit on my head and although they are not as good quality as the elites, they are good enough for me to use them on a now regular basis.

Obviously the purpose of this article isn’t to review them, but to see if they are durable enough to be bashed around.  Logitech did ask me to do a test in regards to eating with the products to see if they could withstand food abuse but as I am currently on a very strict diet, I hardly think eating grapes is “extreme” enough for any testing purposes and I have to unfortunately scrap that section of the testing.  I did however rage out on the G430 about 10 times in total:


As mentioned previously, this video took about 10 takes due to autofocusing problems I had with my camera, but I did smash them around, slam the G19s into them numerous times but they continued to work flawlessly.  No major damage and certainly no performance deterioration either so a decent pass for the G430 in terms of durability.


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