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As usual for mice, I will split the real world performance side of things into the three sections which I feel deserve an equal and thorough mention.


Design wise the G302 is marketed at and is clearly for MOBA players, and for that style of play the most popular grip tends to be a claw grip so that is indeed what the G302 provides. It is also very light and dances around the mouse mat on very slippery feet. All of this combined with the surprisingly supportive nature of the tapered sides and the subtle indentations in the M1/2 buttons make the G302 a very pointable, easy to live with mouse.

As someone with large hands I did find the mouse felt a bit toy like in it’s proportions in all honesty but that is all part of the design in that it’s meant to be easy to chuck around the mouse mat effortlessly and despite the small size I don’t actually have any complaints about comfort levels even in extended periods of gaming thanks to how little gripping force you need to keep a good hold of the mouse.

The thumb buttons are nicely positioned too with each slotting into the pad and joint of my thumb respectively in what is a very intuitive layout that is aided by the good spacing between the two buttons. Overall the G302 is clearly a very focused product that contrasts sharply to it’s jack of all trades siblings, but that’s what I like about it; Logitech weren’t afraid to sacrifice mass appeal in order to create a focused product, which is something that some mouse manufacturers could do with taking note of.


If there is one genre of game that could be singled out as providing great cruelty to M1/2, it’s got to be MOBAs. Logitech acknowledged this and created the metal spring reinforced mechanism that supports the switches present in the left and right mouse buttons.

Now if I’m honest I was worried that this would ruin the feel of the switches but honestly I can’t feel any real difference between this and a standard (short travel) implementation. If anything the spring tension seems to help you repeat faster whilst providing a nice amount of resistance and when you factor in the claimed 20 million keystrokes durability spec it’s got to be said that it is a genuine innovation that should be great for MOBA players who end up knackering their switches long before the rest of the mouse is past it’s best.

The two thumb buttons also sport nice clicky switches which are always something I appreciate and even the DPI toggle switch has a reasonable amount of feedback to it. We also have the scroll wheel which appears plucked from the G402 lending its great rubberised grip, nice resistance and spot on notch spacing to the equation which rounds up a great selection of switches for the G302.


Being that it sports the AM010 optical sensor we have seen in the G100s and the G402 (sans fusion engine) it is no real surprise to me that the G302 is a great performer when it comes to tracking quality. Tested on a cloth surface I had no complaints whatsoever about the tracking with acceleration and snapping completely absent.

I love that we are finally seeing manufacturers get back to giving us optical sensors again, and Logitech are really spearheading the movement with this example of putting a great sensor in a package where some manufacturers might just plonk in a mushy old Pixart 9800 due to it not being intended for FPS players, a perfect demonstration of their commitment to giving two fingers to the DPI race and giving the competitive players what they want.


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