Logitech G402 Hyperion Fury Review



Right then, lets get a look at the box.

package front

Starting off at the front of packaging you can see mine arrived with a few courier battle scars but that was due to being in a jiffy bag, retail ones will be fine. On to the actual box itself and you can see we have a very nice clean front to the box with the Logitech and G series logos at the top, a cool X-ray image of the mouse in the middle, our model name just below that and finally right at the bottom is the G402’s catchphrase.

package side

Moving on to the side of the box we have some specifications such as our DPI range and acceleration values for the sensor; all of the specs are on the previous page if you want a proper run down of the boring stuff. Otherwise again we have a simple design here, with more emphasis on the blue of the black and blue G series colour scheme.

package rear

The back of the box features plenty of small writing, so don’t forget you can click the image above to view a full res version. The top left of the box features the Logitech and G series logos again in addition to our model name and slogan. The right of the box features a graphic of the mouse and the rest of the box features specs we’ve already covered in various languages.

package inside

Sliding the inside of the packaging out we get our first look at the mouse which is covered by a plastic mold to hold it in place in the box. There isn’t much to talk about here, which is my favourite part; simple packaging just means you can get your hands on the mouse faster which suits me just fine.

In summary the packaging is clean and easy to get into, I really like the simple black/blue colour scheme and the fact that you’ll be up and running in no time thanks to the lack of faff is sure to be appreciated by the impatient. So the packaging gets top marks from me, but what about the mouse itself? Head over to the next page and we’ll take a look.



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