Logitech G602 Review


[section_title title=”Closer Look”] Closer Look

Logitech maintain the grey and blue affair with the G602 as they did with the G400S I reviewed. The overall aesthetic is eye catching and stylish.

The rear of the packaging is rather low-key and highlights just a few of the features such as the amount of time before you should need to change batteries, configurable buttons and the like.

The G602’s packaging opens up to allow us a closer look at the mouse itself and the micro sensor. The angle the G602 has been set at isn’t ideal for having a quick grab the see if it fits your hand sadly.

The included accessories such as they are.

Plus points for Logitech ditching the driver disc. Minus points for the comparatively huge setup guide included. The USB wire is an extension lead.

The top of the mouse. The buttons on the LMB are the default DPI switches. The switch in the middle slides up and down to swap between ‘performance’ mode or ‘endurance’ mode. The grooves around the lower end aren’t pronounced enough to be noticed unless you run your finger over them.

The right side is quite barren.

The left side is where most of your time will be spent. You have six configurable buttons on this side, one of which is assigned as the default battery capacity button.


The thumb rest on the left is extremely generous as you can see.

The underside is quite plain. The G602’s hardware on/off function button is located just above the sensor as you can see. Hidden away under the Logitech sticker is the battery compartment which also has room to fit the USB receiver in.

Will the G602 be your instrument for games?


The mouse itself is quite comfy and at first, locating where the buttons are with just your thumb can be a bit tricky to accommodate, or at least, it is for me as I’ve only used mice with few buttons before. If Logitech somehow crafted a finger rest on to the left side of the mouse I think they’d be on to a real winner in the shape and comfort department.

That’s the hardware covered, let us take a look at the Logitech software!


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