Logitech G602 Review


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As I mentioned in the introduction, Logitech have an insanely easy to use, functional and well presented software suite from my previous experiences. I’m glad to say the G602 carries on this tradition.

Starting with the splash screen, you can see how every button is labelled out off the bat. On the left is a list of traditional keys and those with the blue fade are ones assigned to the G602. On the right is the mouse keys all of which can be swapped around and configured meaning if you don’t like the DPI buttons on the LMB, swap them to the side buttons and the like.

Logitech’s software supports game profiles my searching your PC, or at least, well known directories for game executables and allows you to customise by profile. This means Logitech can avoid accommodating a software and hardware profile switcher as it’s all done automatically. Oddly, the software wouldn’t automatically detect all my games – even those that were in Logitech’s default list.

Clicking on a configurable button offers up various pre-defined functions, too, such as a single keystroke, mutliple key strokes (macros) and more. I’ve took a few snippets below.

A more traditional menu away from the glitz and glamour of the splash screen.

Ventrilo commands built-in for anyone who uses the service.

Overall the G602 is as fun and productive to use as I found the G400S to use where the software is concerned. Logitech have a supreme suite I have yet to see bested and it’s great this extends all up and down the peripheral family no matter where you buy in. Most importantly, Logitech have hammered out Windows 8.1 support which was missing a few weeks back when I reviewed the G400S.

That’s two parts of the G602 covered and leaving a solid impression – can Logitech go for the tri-fecta?


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