Logitech G633 & G933 Artemis Spectrum Gaming Headset Review


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Gaming headsets are very similar in specifications and price these days, but this certainly can’t be said for the Logitech G633/933 Artemis Spectrum pair; they certainly come highly spec’d up, but at a very high price point.

Although both these headsets could be considered pretty expensive for what they are, they certainly do produce superb audio and that shouldn’t be taken lightly. Some top end expensive headsets can sometimes lack that “something” which makes them a premium product, but the G633/G933 doesn’t have anything lacking, other than perhaps build quality; they are very plasticky for £100+ headsets and that could be off-putting for some. Don’t get me wrong, the headset isn’t just going to fall apart and feels good quality, so don’t misunderstand what we are saying here!

Focusing on the sound quality, I was personally blown away by the level of detail in the tones with the G633 and G933. For a wireless headset, the G933 absolutely dominates and this is the best wireless gaming headset that I have ever tested, period! The G633 is pretty tasty too and in my opinion, it actually sounds better ever so slightly. Obviously, you lose a tiny degree of quality with wireless, but the convenience and flexibility outweigh this, although £170 is a very steep price tag to pay for most gamers. The G633 does however offer much better value for money in that respect, but the G933 is absolutely superb…I can’t praise it enough.

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With big hitting features such as DTS support, Dolby 7.1 surround and of course those customisable G-Keys, it’s no surprise that Logitech has been at the forefront of gaming peripherals for many years now, but are those G keys worth it? Not for me, I’m afraid as I tend to want the buttons in front of me on my keyboard or mouse. Imagine in a competitive game that’s fast paced and you want to press a key bind on your headset; if you miss, it can be a life or death situation and unless you take your headset off to press it, you can’t see and have to guess where the button is. Of course learning from memory will have its advantages, but I just see it as a little “gimmicky” and I can’t say I made use of the G keys in the way they were intended.

With all of that being said, the Logitech G633 and G933 Artemis Spectrum RGB 7.1 gaming headsets are feature packed, oozing with awesome sound quality which stretches from gaming to music. Having RGB doesn’t necessarily mean its superior, but it’s a superb feature to have and the technology is being implemented everywhere currently; not a bad thing, but it is driving prices up a little. Here’s my verdict on both headsets and awards…


A cracking headset and certainly one of the best in the price range that we have tested at Play3r. Superb tone, clear high end and very consistent mid ranges throughout…a real pleasure for gaming and music; rare for a gaming focused headset.



The best wireless gaming headset we have ever tested at Play3r and in my opinion, it leaves the Corsair VOID Wireless in the dust! It’s more comparable to the Steelseries Siberia Elite headset which is only a testament to the quality of the headset itself and I would buy this headset all day long! Top quality sound, super comfortable and the Logitech Gaming software works great!



Huge thanks to Logitech for sending the G633 and G933 Artemis Spectrum gaming headsets in for review.

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– Top quality gaming headsets with great tone and sound performance
– Great for gaming, music and general audio
– Very comfortable to wear
– Reasonably priced considering
– Everyone loves RGB; right?


– G933 (wireless) are pretty expensive
– G key’s just don’t do it for me

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