Logitech G910 Orion Spark RGB Mechanical Keyboard Review


[section_title title=”Closer Look Cont.”]Closer Look Cont.

On the rear of the Logitech G910 Orion Spark RGB, there are a few notable features which are worthy of a mention.  First of all Logitech have of course included 2 stand clips which allow users to pivot the keyboard into a more ergonomically position; I personally never use them on a keyboard as I like mine flat.

In the centre of the G910, we have the obligatory information sticker which contains information regarding the model number, European safety information which is standard and of course the origin of manufacture; in this case, China.

I also like the way it’s implemented into the design and has a pretty aggressive bordering around it which bevels into the casing slightly.

Logitech has also included 4 x rubber pads which stop the plastic from scratching your surface; this goes both ways too!  It is standard with 99% of keyboards to include these, but these Logitech ones are slightly larger than normal, not a bad thing though; they also provide adequate grip.

Now for the most exciting and innovative part of the Logitech G190’s design work, the ROMER-G mechanical switches.  Now these switches are completely different to Cherry MX’s but let me explain why.  First of all, the key caps have 4 prongs which actually attach into the switch; unlike a Cherry MX keycap which slides onto the + shaped clip on the switch itself.  Secondly, the ROMER-G switches are 25% faster (so Logitech claims) and have a faster actuation time.  These switches are also tested for up to 70-million keystrokes which is simply extreme and means that the ROMER-G switches should be reliable; it’s nice to see a different option to Cherry MX, Kaihl and of course Topre.

Touching on actuation, they have a 45g actuation force which is roughly the same as Cherry MX reds or browns which pale in comparison; the ROMER-G switches are only available in 45g at the moment and there is no word of different actuation forces being available any time soon.

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