Shogun Bros Ballista MK-1 Review

Today we have the Ballista MK-1 from Shogun Bros Commander series of peripherals for review and see how this £50 mouse holds up.

Logitech G700s Review

For review I have a Logitech G700s, with its 13 programmable buttons, wireless and finally its improved grip; it should perform very well in this review.

Steelseries APEX Review

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Xebec Easy-Eye Review

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Steelseries Sensei RAW Frost Blue Review

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Tesoro Gungnir H5 Review

In my hands is one of Tesoro Technologies latest offerings, the Gungnir H5 Gaming Mouse. Is it worthy of the spear of Odin moniker?

QWERKeyboard / Tex Beetle Mechanical Keyboard Review

Today I take a look at the rebranded Tex Beetle - The QWERKeyboard. Read on to see how it does.

CM Storm Havoc Review

Today I have been taking a look at CM Storms latest mouse, is it brilliant or is it a squeak behind the competition? lets find out...

Attitude One Vintorez Review

A gaming mouse under £25? Skeptical? Check out the Vintorez from Attitude One...

Anker 2.4G Wireless Vertical Ergonomic Optical Mouse Review

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