drevo tyrfing v2 and durendal featured image

Drevo Tyrfing V2 and Durendal 104 Key RGB Mechanical Keyboards Review

Hey guys, today we have not one but two mechanical keyboards to review, the Drevo Tyrfing V2 which is a 104 key update to the tenkeyless original and the Drevo Durendal 104 Key Keyboards

Steelseries Rival 300 CS:GO Fade Special Edition Review

Introduction Manufacturer: SteelSeries Model: Rival 300 UK Price: £55.10 @Amazon (At the time of review) US Price: $69.20 @Amazon (At the time of review) Here I go again with...

Cherry B.UNLIMITED 3.0 Keyboard and Mouse Review

We've broken away from all things fun for this review, an office desktop set complete with AES security. How will the B.UNLIMITED wireless set from Cherry perform?
corsair nightsword rgb Featured Image

Corsair Nightsword RGB Performance Tunable Mouse Review

On my mousing surface today I have the strikingly named Nightsword RGB, a right handed mouse which according to the box is Performance Tunable. Join me as I dive in and see what the Nightsword is all about...
Thermaltake Tt Esports Challenger Prime Keyboard Review 19

Thermaltake Tt Esports Challenger Prime Keyboard Review

The Tt Esports Challenger Prime is a fully featured gaming keyboard and we have put it through it's paces, but what did we find out and should you buy one?

Corsair K95 RGB Platinum Mechanical Keyboard Review

Today I take a look at Corsair's flagship mechanical keyboard, the K95 RGB Platinum. Jam-packed with features, does it deserve the flagship title? Read on to find out.
Azio Retro Classic featured image

Azio Retro Classic Keyboard Review

Missing the good old days of using a typewriter? Enter the ridiculously luxurious Azio Retro Classic, one of which I have the pleasure of reviewing.
Roccat Kain 200 AIMO Wireless Mouse featured image

ROCCAT Kain 200 AIMO Wireless Mouse Review

On the desk today is their latest Wireless mouse offering in the form of the Kain 200 AIMO it's time to see if this can give my daily driver wireless mouse a run for it's money.
Steam Controller Review 1

Steam Controller Review

We take a look at how does Valve's odd new controller perform for modern PC gamers looking for an alternative to keyboard and mouse.
Tesoro Gram Spectrum Review

Tesoro Gram Spectrum Mechanical Keyboard Review

RGB keyboards are the new 'in' thing with gamers and we take a look at a low profile option from Tesoro, the Gram Spectrum which has full RGB backlighting, but do the low profile Agile switches make a difference? Read the full review here...