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Real world Performance



Taking a step pack, I love what QPAD have done with the Five Finger grip style of mouse, it suits those who want both comfort and performance. I’ve got quite large hands and the mouse sits well, the palm is slightly raised which keeps your hand slightly raised at the wrist which felt comfortable to use whilst gaming but also nice to use for day to day activities. The weight and general feel of the mouse is simply superb, even when testing it (throwing it around a mouse pad at the speed of light to check the max sensor speed) it felt heavy, but not too heavy it would start to annoy me after hours of use. Because of the weight of the mouse it was also grounded to the mousemat at all times, some would argue adjustable weights are good in mice but I feel the QPAD was acceptable and you would eventually get used to the weight.



The buttons on this mouse have been positioned pretty much like all mice, with two slim line buttons on the left of the mouse giving you a tactile forwards and backwards (or whatever you map them too). Combined with the simple CPI switchers. Qpad have actually gone with a design I love, keeping buttons on their own independent switch means the mouse lifespan is increased. It also prevents accidental damage and lockups when you require the mouse the most, this same design follows through on the side buttons. All of these buttons extrude from the body, making the overall shell of the mouse much stronger. The other design some manufacturers use is a pivot point in the middle of two buttons saving money on production costs, but creating an inferior product, I’m glad QPAD have gone with this particular design because its the only way to build mice in my opinion.



Tracking wise this mouse is fantastic, and excelled in all my day to day activities. I felt the tracking was always perfect and based on the synthetic benchmarks (although I did note there was some odd readings) I only noticed some loss of precision higher into the CPI range. But in terms of real world performance, I never noticed any problems with the mouse, it was perfect for FPS games, and even more relaxed Moba games. Being a low sense player the general feel of the weight and tracking created an awesome experience that I’ve not felt in a long time.

It’s also worth taking into consideration the 8K’s sensor is incredible, quoting QPAD: “The real power kicks in with the new sensor, which pictures the surface with a shutter speed of 12,000 frames per second covering an area of 30×30 pixels per frame. This generates an image of 10.8 MB data in processing power per second. Underlying this is 8200 true CPI and advanced 32-bit ARM processor controller unit to optimize the tracking performance.”

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