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  • Manufacturer: Qpad
  • Model: FX36 PRO
  • Price: £9.72 (At the time of review)

Today we take a closer look at the FX 36 Pro gaming mousemat from QPAD, mousemats are such a hard thing to test because it is mostly subjective. The FX36 pro mousemats are branded for high sense players (if you are purchasing the Medium / Small mousemats). Due to the low friction of the surface, meaning its easier to glide across the mat, low sense players still look for these attributes but will be seeking a larger mousemat like a QCK+ Heavy. Lets see how it stacks up against the competition in this review.

More about QPAD:  QPAD are one such brand, established in 1992 and hailing from Sweden, their founder Christer Kornback was a respected member of the Swedish gaming scene.  He created the first premium piece of eSport equipment designed with only gamers in mind, a larger than normal mouse pad.

Fast forward 2 decades and QPAD have a large range of peripherals ranging from gaming mice, mechanical keyboards all the way to headsets.  Having won many awards for their products over the years, they continue to grow and produce some of the best quality pc gaming gear on the market.

Closer Look










With the FX36 pro gaming mouse mat, you don’t really get much in the way of fancy extras. Which made me a little sad, I always love a free sticker! However this is a mousemat, I placed the new 8K QPAD Gaming mouse on the mouse mat to give you an idea of the size, and also show off the 8K Gaming mouse, and together they make a nice pair to look at.

What do we think?

From the photos you can see how incredibly fine the material is, this gives an amazing glide on any mouse. I tested with three mice and got a similar feel, we usually compare to the in-house test mousemat made by Overclockers UK. For the purposes of testing when compared to the smooth OCUK XXL the FX36 felt less glossy but just as smooth to glide on. The thickness of the FX36 was something that could have been maybe bumped up a notch, because I’ve seen so many mouse mats degrade over time due to this design. This mousemat actually feels like the total opposite of a Steelseries QCK+ Heavy mousemat, which is probably the most hard-wearing mousemat on the market to date, unless of course you use a niche mousemat using materials like plastic. The QPAD FX 36 is one of those mousemats you might buy if you don’t want to invest a huge amount of cash, or possibly have a low amount of space to work with. I do like to test products for weeks on end, and I think the test of time would really show on the FX36 if you used it everyday for a few months.


With the slight problem of thickness out of the way, I played around with the mousemat for a few hours and appreciated the experience it offered for the price. Visually it wasn’t for me, although it might be appealing in the eyes of some gamers, personally I like my mouse mats to be a single colour to show off the mouse better. Generally speaking though, the FX36 is not half bad. Especially coupled with the 8K QPAD Gaming mouse.


It gripped well to the surface, felt nice to use, so it’s a good all round product and this would make a huge upgrade for anyone using either no mouse-mat or looking for a good quality replacement at a low price. However, if you are a power user I’d suggest looking for a higher grade mouse mat (in terms of thickness). Great product QPAD! And thanks for sending me this sample. Also for reference this is the 360x300x4mm mousepad.

I’ve given this a 3.9 overall, with no awards. Because I feel the price is good, and the general performance / design is equally as good. With the exception being the thickness of the mousemat, but it’s a good size and you won’t regret buying it! 

  • Performance
  • Design
  • Value


Pricing is spot on at
Superb quality
Perfect for small spaces
Perfect for high sense players

Could be slightly thicker, but at this price range that’s questionable.

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