QWERKeyboard / Tex Beetle Mechanical Keyboard Review


Introduction QWERKeys are a  UK based startup that originally stocked Cherry MX switches and custom key caps for mechanical keyboards. Since the overwhelming success of the customisation of mechanical keyboards (see Geekhack deskthority and reddit), QWERKeys has now expanded their product range to include their own branded keyboard dubbed the “QWERKeyboard”. What we have in to review today, is the first iteration of the QWERKeyboard, which means the model I have will be tweaked a bit for it’s final release, but the main feel and look of it will remain the same. The QWERKeyboard is based on the Tex Beetle 60% keyboard, however it will be available with ISO layouts and various switch types. The current model I have in front of me has little or no obvious branding, although I have been told that some QWERKey/QWERKeyboard branding will appear. For parts of this review I may come across Tex branding, which I have had confirmed, will remain unless otherwise stated later in the review. It is apparent from the specs that the QWERKeyboard is more of a premium keyboard (taken from the Tex datasheet) and will no doubt be aimed more towards portability. Features

  1. USB Interface
  2. HID Device
  3. Plug & Play/Hot-Swappable
  4. Firmware upgradable over USB
  5. QWERTY Layout
  6. About 60% as wide as of the standard 104-Key keyboard
  7. Uses Cherry MX-Series switches
  8. N-key rollover
  9. Memory function users can define
  10. Multi-Lingual Layout
  11. Laser-engraved Keycaps
  12. Aluminum top case design
  13. Gold plated connector


  1. Power consumption:USB 5V / 60 mA
  2. Dimension(W*L*H):124 mm*298 mm*35 mm (without stand) /124 mm*298 mm*46 mm (with stand)
  3. Weight:760 g
  4. USB Cable Length:1.8 meters
  5. Number of Keys:
    • 66 Keys(English-USA/Traditional Chinese/Korean Layout)
    • 67 Keys(Japanese/European Layout)
  6. Lifecycle of Cherry switches:50 million key presses

There is also a LED version available, although the version I have in to review is the non-backlit version, but that’s enough talk, lets take a closer look.  

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