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Let’s take a look at the Kave Stereo’s packaging.

kavextd 1

As you can see the front of the box is typical ROCCAT, with the blue on black colour scheme and a large window. There’s also the three tabs with the main features, in this case the 50mm drivers, detachable mic and the ‘supreme comfort’.

kavextd 2

The side of the box highlights some more of the design points which helps explain their comfort related claims.

kavextd 3

The back of the box has a labelled diagram of the headset and its in-line controller which is always nice to see and we also have some specs on the right hand side, which you can see on the previous page in more detail.

kavextd 4

Opening the box and sliding out the contents we can see the headset itself is all nicely tucked into some plastic to keep it safe and we also have a quick installation guide (which I really hope is not something you need). The packaging is on the whole pretty good, it looks nice and protects the product nicely although it was a bit of a faff trying to open the lid at the top without tearing the tabs but once you get inside it’s all plain sailing.

Time for a closer look at the headset itself.


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