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Once again let’s break out the Luxa 2 E-One and get a better look at the headset.

kavextd 5

Starting off with a front on look we can see the headset is of the traditional headband design and features a rotating/flipping boom microphone. We can also see that the headset has a very stealthy black look to it from this angle which is sure to attract many who don’t like their peripherals to be overly flashy. Padding wise both the ear cups and the headband are pretty well padded, but the absence of replacement pleather pads is a real disappointment.

kavextd 6

On to the details and first up we have the headband, as you can see it has engraved ROCCAT branding which although large is still fairly low key in colour and doesn’t compromise the stealthy look too much.

kavextd 11

Moving down we have the headband rail which as you can see has numbered steps of adjustment, this is actually a great touch in my opinion as it takes the faff out of match the extension on both sides so thumbs up to ROCCAT there.

kavextd 12

Here you can see where the headband goes into the ear cups, if you look closely you can see there is some degree of swivel there which is handy to get the headset set up comfortably and also helps alleviate some of the strain on the structure of the headset.

kavextd 10

Here you can see the amount of vertical movement the ear cups have, which is pretty good.

kavextd 7

A closer look at the right ear cup, I like the blue ROCCAT Lion/Griffon, whatever it is, it brings a nice touch of colour to the headset.

kavextd 8

Here we have the other ear cup complete with mic, due to being in a jack the mic can spin all the way around, which is handy if the person leaning over your shoulder has something to say.

kavextd 9

The microphone itself, its a fairly standard looking affair but I do like the angular lines.

kavextd 13

The in-line adjuster features a volume wheel and a (confusingly labelled) microphone on/off switch.

kavextd 14

Finally we have the connectors, which are colour coded and have nice grippy casings; though it would be nice to see gold plated connectors. You can also see the cable is pale blue, which does pop against the black design of the headset but might not be to everyone’s tastes.

Overall I like the look of the headset, it feels solid enough but the diet has made it feel a little bit less robust than you might expect from a ROCCAT product, especially at this price point; don’t get me wrong though, it doesn’t feel cheap! My main objection is the lack of pleather ear pads, this is a cardinal sin in my books.


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