ROCCAT Kone Pure Military Gaming Mouse Review



Lets start off the review with a look at the packaging.

konemilbox front

As you can see the Kone Military comes in a relatively compact box, which I always like to see as I prefer to keep the boxes for stuff. The image on the box shows us we have the desert strike version which is obviously a reference to the sandy colour scheme. We have a bit of a feature run down too with information such as the maximum DPI and the tunable lift off height.

konemilbox side

The side of the box gives us some more feature talk with more detail on the sensor and its distance control unit; the manufacturer making a fuss about having a properly adjustable lift off distance is exactly what I like to hear so we should hopefully be able to look forward to good low sensitivity performance!

konemilbox back

The rear of the box features a labelled digram of the main features of the mouse such as the Easy Shift buttons and the Titan scroll wheel, this is also translated to a variety of languages in the boxes below.

konemilbox lid

The inside of the flap at the front of the box is dedicated to explaining the easy shift button and its possible uses. We also have our first peek at the mouse.

konemilbox accs

Pulling out the contents of the box you can see we have an accessory pack which features a user manual/quick install guide and of course we can see the mouse itself.

I quite like the packaging the Kone Military comes in, its got loads of information for a retail environment but it wasn’t a massive faff to get into which is the main thing I ask of packaging. Lets move on and get a look at the mouse itself on the next page.


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