ROCCAT Kone Pure Military Gaming Mouse Review


Closer Look

Lets take a closer look at the mouse.

konemil top

From a top down look at the mouse the first thing you will notice is of course the colour scheme, I can’t say it appeals personally but each to their own and there are a few other colour schemes available anyway. Otherwise the mouse is quite compact for an ergonomic mouse which is sure to be good for those who want a sculpted right hand grip but find most erogomic gaming mice too large. The ROCCAT logo you can see also lights up when the mouse is plugged in.

konemil left

The side of the mouse is fairly standard, we have an indent for the thumb and our two thumb buttons just above it. You can see from this angle we have a reasonable gap between the LMB and the body of the mouse so we should expect good switch feel.

konemil right

The right hand side of the mouse is a clean slate buttons wise but it is shaped ergonomically which is nice to see as a lot of mouse manufacturers neglect the right hand side when it comes to shape.

konemil mmb

Here is a good look at the Titan scroll wheel and the DPI select buttons. I like the way the DPI buttons are recessed into the body but the scroll wheel does protrude a bit more than I would like which makes it more of a stretch to scroll than is ideal.

konemil conn

Finally we have the connector and cable, the cable features a very nice quality braid and the connector is nicely shaped and branded but it does lack a gold plated connection which is a shame given the asking price of the Kone Military.

I quite like the looks of the mouse, I wouldn’t have it in this colour but that is personal preference and there are other colours available. It is worth saying that the build quality is superb, this has to be one of the most solid feeling mice I have had my hands on. On the next page we will take a quick look at the Sense mouse mat that is a great colour match for the Desert Strike Kone.


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