ROCCAT Kone Pure Military Gaming Mouse Review


Sense Mouse Mat

ROCCAT were nice enough to send me a Sense Desert Strike mouse matt in along with the mouse for testing, as you will see below the design matches the Desert Strike Kone nicely and will likely be a desirable purchase for those looking for a new mouse mat to go with their shiny new Kone Military. Lets take a quick look.


The Sense comes in a box that fits the standard ROCCAT black and blue styling and is not any bigger than it needs to be which is nice.


As you can see the mouse mat is a great visual fit for the Desert Strike Kone. Material wise it is a cloth pad but its a very fine cloth that is nice and slippery for those who like a free gliding mouse. At 400×280 mm this particular sku is described by ROCCAT as vast, I’m not sure I’d agree there but it is a nice size if you are limited on desk space.

The Sense Desert Strike should be a nice companion to the Kone Desert Strike in both design and performance so if you happen to need a new mouse mat with your new mouse why not get a matching pair?

Time to move on and take a look at the software.


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