ROCCAT Kone Pure Military Gaming Mouse Review



So yet another mouse has been put through the wringer, lets recap my thoughts on the Kone military.

Starting off with design there is a lot to like. The elephant in the room is the tan/green colour scheme of this particular sku which I can’t say appeals to me personally but there are multiple colour options available so I’m sure everyone will find one that is to their liking. Otherwise from a shape point of view I like the design of the mouse, its not pointy and aggressive; its designed to be gamed with first and foremost, which is always much more appealing to me than a flashy design. Also worth mentioning is the cable, the braid is of a particularly good quality and I do like the orange touches which help add a nice bit of colour to things. The only real complaint I can make against the design is that the coating could do with being a bit more coarse or rubberised to further improve the grip.

When it comes to performance the Kone Military ticks all the boxes, its got a great sensor, some fab switches where it counts and a well featured software suite to round it all off. As I said on the previous page, this mouse is a bit of a rarity in that its a smaller sized mouse that is properly ergonomic instead of ambidextrous and so for people with small to medium hands who are looking for a mouse that packs this sensor in a high quality package but would prefer an ergonomic mouse this is a great offering from ROCCAT.

Finally we have the value side of things. At the time of reviewing the Kone Military is going for about £55-60, which is at the higher end of things in terms of non MMO mice. That said when you take into account the performance, the quality and the top notch design touches as well as the awesome software offering I’ve got to say the Kone Military earns is price tag. This to be one of the best mice available for people with small to medium sized hands who want an Avago 3310 in their lives (which they should).

The Kone Pure Military gaming mouse from ROCCAT is a top tier offering and even manages to fill a niche of sorts with its sizing, which is a nice achievement. If you want a high quality mouse with a top notch sensor and all the software goodies to back it up the Kone Pure military should be high up on your list.



I’d like to say a massive thank you to ROCCAT for sending this mouse in for review, I look forward to seeing more from them in the future.



  • Performance
  • Design
  • Value



– Great build quality
– Superb sensor
– Sublime scroll wheel
– Excellent software suite


– Thumb/DPI button switches could be better
– Scroll wheel is a touch high
– Coating is a bit smooth

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