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Manufacturer: ROCCAT
Model: Tyon
Price: £80 (At time of review) 

German peripheral manufacturer ROCCAT has been in the market a little while now, having set up shop in 2007. Since then they have become a household name in the peripherals world with their dedication to providing innovative and high quality products, in the process capturing the interest of many gamers. Nowadays they have one of the largest peripheral ranges of any top tier peripheral manufacturer with an almost amusing array of mice, keyboards and headsets available to suit many different types of customer.

The subject of today’s review is the Tyon, a very unique mouse that comes equipped with an array of buttons and paddles and at the very least looks like it should be interesting to test. In addition to having a mass of reprogrammable buttons the Tyon is also packing the 8200DPI Pro Aim R3 laser sensor, which going by the specs I would assume is actually an Avago 9800. The features list definitely makes this look like one of the more interesting products I’ve had in lately, so lets see if it’s packing the levels of quality and performance we have come to expect from ROCCAT.

More about ROCCAT: 

Founded in 2007 in Hamburg, Germany, ROCCAT Studios produces innovative, high-quality products for today’s ambitious computer gamer. Always operating in close collaboration with the gaming community, ROCCAT’s advanced input devices, headsets and accessories offer extreme precision, first-class ease-of-use and unique, eye-catching design. The company entered the scene with its Kone Gaming Mouse – a high-performance device that still ranks as one of the world’s premier gaming peripherals. A long list of international awards attests to the world-class quality and ingenious design of ROCCAT products.


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