ROCCAT Tyon Gaming Mouse Review



Let’s start off the review with a look at the packaging.


The front of the box has the very familiar ROCCAT design with the all black background broken up by the blue tabs that list the main selling points of the mouse. As I said with the Kone Pure Military I saw recently, as someone who keeps boxes I do appreciate that ROCCAT haven’t gone mad with the size of the box.


The inside of the front flap focuses on the sheer amount of customisation the button configuration on the mouse allows and we also have our first peek at the mouse itself.


The side of the box gives us another feature tour, talking about things like the Pro Aim sensor and the unique paddle buttons.

tyon 3

The back of the box sports a labelled diagram of the mouse and yet another feature list!


Sliding out the contents of the packaging we are greeted with the mouse in its protective plastics and also a quick installation guide. I do think it would be nice of ROCCAT to include a driver disc for those playing offline as without the software you really can’t make proper use of the features the mouse has to offer.

ROCCAT seem to have their packaging design down pretty well, the box is attractive yet informative and the actual experience of getting the mouse out isn’t too much of a faff; you can’t really ask for much more than that! After the break we’ll get a good look at the mouse itself.


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