ROCCAT Tyon Gaming Mouse Review


[section_title title=”Closer Look”]Closer Look

Let’s take a closer look at the mouse.


A top down look immediately shows us what makes this mouse stand out, with the thumb paddle and middle fin switch clearly on show. From a shape point of view the Tyon is to all intents and purposes an enlarged Kone Pure, which is no bad thing as it is a simple yet ergonomically sound shape that supports both claw and palm grips rather nicely.


Look at all those buttons! Here we have a good look at the X-CELERATOR thumb paddle, it’s certainly an interesting design but I am struggling to imagine a use for it at the moment. Below it we can see there are three thumb buttons, two below the paddle and one at the bottom; I have to commend the placement of that bottom button, it is bang on ergonomically (for me at least). Finally, we can also see the two buttons down towards the front that round out this side’s impressive input roster.


The right hand side of the mouse is a bit more conventional, sporting only the other pair of finger buttons.


Here we have a better look at that Fin switch and also the scroll wheel, which has clear sections to show off the LED lighting.


The underside of the mouse is a fairly standard affair, sporting contact pads at either end and the Pro Aim R3 sensor in the middle.


Finally we have the custom shaped USB connector which sits at the end of a very nicely braided cable, all good here.

When it comes to looks I think the mouse looks about as good as it can given that it is covered in buttons, I do feel that the stealthy colour scheme¬†doesn’t really fit though, I’d definitely go for the sexy looking white one! On the next page, we’ll take a look at the software that accompanies the Tyon.


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