ROCCAT Tyon Gaming Mouse Review


[section_title title=”Software”]Software¬†

Let’s take a look at the software.


Starting off at the Main control scheme readers of my previous review of the Kone Pure Military, or existing ROCCAT owners will recognise the layout straight away. The main control tab offers control over things like DPI and profiles as well as an interface for some Windows options such as vertical scroll speed and double click speed.



The buttons assignment tab gives us control over the reprogramming of the Tyon’s many buttons, which when used with the Easy-Shift button for a second binding to every key presents us with a mind boggling amount of potential bindings! We also have a macro manager on this screen which while nothing amazing should still have all the options most people need.


Next up is the advanced control tab which gives us a variety of performance related adjustments such as polling rate, lift off height and separation of the sensitivity of the X and Y axes. The most interesting part here for me is the distance control unit which actually succeeds in producing an acceptable lift off height for the laser sensor which is definitely a massive plus in my books.

We also have the return of my favourite chum the DPI announcer guy, however last time he was limited to only 5000 DPI so imagine my surprise when I discover the urgency in his voice when he says “8200 DPI”, I thought he was having a crisis, as Jeremy Clarkson would say. Joking aside this is still a great feature and it was the first thing I went into the software to enable which speaks to its usefulness in my opinion.


Here is the “Color Control” tab, whatever a ‘Color’ is. I really like the lighting on this mouse, the lit strip along the bottom of the mouse is really cool and the breathing effect when used in conjunction with the colour flow effect looks great in my opinion as it changes colour which each pulse. There are plenty of effects to choose from if breathing doesn’t suit you though and we even have full RGB control for a custom colour if desired which is really cool. I was genuinely impressed by the lighting customisation on the Tyon and it is really intuitive, I give ROCCAT top marks here.


Here is the statistics/achievements screen. As I have said before the trophy system seems almost cringe worthy to me but the stat tracking for keystrokes is a feature I personally love as a curiosity and I wish all manufacturers implemented it in their software suites.


Finally we have the support screen with lots of useful information for those needing technical support and a nice big ‘Driver Download’ button to make updating the software nice and easy.

I really like the ROCCAT software offering, it is intuitive and nice to look at and in this case I really loved the lighting effects tab which should be a standard for other manufacturers to aspire to in terms of customisation and ease of use. Moving on, let’s get into the real meat of the review and do some synthetic sensor testing after the break!

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