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Provided with the Parthica gaming keyboard is a driver and software disc, providing everything you need to get the ball rolling with your new device. Although the keyboard is Plug’n’Play, it is advised to load up the software and drivers to allow for much better compatibility, also allowing for keys to be mapped and changes to be made to the backlighting.


The provided software is very easy to use with basic functionality and features. This one page set up design makes for simplistic changes to be made quickly and works well in this way. Customising the Parthica is quick and simple, allowing for different set-ups per swappable profile. Additional language details have also been added to allow for a different layout or displayed text output. Lighting effects are also available with a breathable mode to allow for something a little different than on or off. Polling rate options are readily available for adjustment and windows keys can be enabled or disabled depending on your preferences.

We were very impressed with the software provided, even through it’s simple and restrictive in a sense, it allows for changes to the majority of customisation abilities you would ever really need. Keeping the software user-friendly like this was a breath of fresh air compared to other software we have previously used on gaming keyboards which seemed to not make much sense. Good job on the software development front SpeedLink!

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