SpeedLink Parthica Core Gaming Keyboard Review


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Now we will draw together a conclusion from our time spent using and testing the Parthica, by SpeedLink.

What we have here is a low-mid range keyboard. Although the latest and highest specification keyboard on the market by SpeedLink, it’s built for budget gaming. It offers some cool features, some which may not be for everyone, but generally appeals to all players of the PC platform.


Aesthetics wise, the keyboard looks good. Not great but good enough to sit on my desk and not seem too out of place next to a flashy rig. The design could be improved a little bit and we think SpeedLink need to step away from the current design they seem to be following with this product and a few others on the market, by that we mean stopping the clear plastic on the coloured plastic design they use to allow for LEDs to shine through the material. Not only does it make the product look very cheap but doesn’t work very well either, due to the material density.

As for build quality, we weren’t particularly impressed. Nothing stood out to us when using and touching the keyboard anywhere that made us say “Wow” or “That was not expected”. Other products we have reviewed by Speedlink have shone through in some way to make us appreciate the attention to detail or design plans used to make said product. Granted, this isn’t your next level £100 keyboard with every feature under the sun and built by CNC-ing a solid piece of aircraft grade aluminium. It was built on a budget and we appreciate that, but it still is missing the wow factor that SpeedLink have provided us with on their other products.

The performance was there, but the Parthica didn’t seem to wow us in any way and did exactly what was on the box but no more. Now, at this point in the review, I can imagine many of you rolling your eyes as I go on to mention that nothing really impressed us but it is a truth we won’t reject. Nothing stood out to us as this keyboard being any different to something sold at a much cheaper price with twice as many “personal” keys to programme, even without backlit keys that are as good as non-existant. It works and we guess that is what matters, but didn’t tick all the boxes we would have liked it to.

Overall, the Parthica is a keyboard we would recommend only if you provided a certain answer to the question; “What do you need a keyboard for and what is your budget?”. If you are looking for a high-end competition grade keyboard then look elsewhere. If you require a budget keyboard with custom features for appearance, programmable keys and don’t mind using a fairly simple bit of kit then the Parthica is right up your street. A great price for a low-end keyboard that will be the perfect counterpart to any budding game enthusiast. As this is the target audience, we have to say it does what it does very well and suits newer PC gamers. The only thing that would make us look the other way with this keyboard is the aesthetic touches and lack of a “wow” factor to go with the well promoted and feature filled box it comes with.

Thank you Speedlink for providing use with the Parthica Core Gaming keyboard.

  • Performance
  • Design
  • Value



– Good keyboard for the price
– Sturdy and reliable
– Usable on multiple platforms
– Perfect for playing RPG and Strategy games


– Nothing really “wow”‘d us
– Build quality was a little bad
– Back lit keys were only half illuminated

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