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SteelSeries black and orange theme is in full effect on the Sensei’s packaging with the orange glow confirmed as one of the colours you can have the charge station and mouse illuminated in.

The rear of the packaging makes a point about the Sensei’s styling above all else, with the size wireless capability and configurable LED all taking centre stage over a mundane spec run-down.

The side of the packaging gives us a very brief numbered offering, just highlighting the technical features of the Sensei.

Slide the outer box off and we get out first look at the mouse itself. If it’s not immediately obvious, the Sensei is ambidextrous so it could be a front runner for any ‘lefties’ looking for a wireless mouse.

The bundle itself is clean-cut you could say. Charging dock, cable and mouse. There’s also warranty cards and a SteelSeries sticker included too, but no extra weights or other customisation options.

The Sensei fits snug into the charging dock – which itself has a nice reassuring weight to it. The button on the top is for switching between DPI profiles.

Right side of the mouse – you can see the two function buttons slot in nicely with the gloss plastic.

Being an ambidextrous mouse, it’s the same again for the left.

Underneath the Sensei is extremely smooth; the pads are some of the lowest profile ones i’ve ever seen. The sliding lock at the top is for the USB cable and the one in the middle of the mouse is the on/off switch. The connect button does what it says on the tin.

The USB slot from the front. The cable and fitting itself is of the microUSB variety.

Aesthetically the Sensei looks extremely tidy and quite modern with the black/silver mixture. I think a fully matte Sensei would look better overall, but this is still an attractive mouse regardless.

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