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To start this conclusion without giving too much away, I think the Sensei Wireless is an all around improvement over the Rival I reviewed previously. The shape and functionality of the Sensei isn’t lacking in any real capacity and is a joy to use.

Gaming with the Sensei required very little adjustment at all and should be an easy replacement for anyone looking for a new mouse in this price range. There isn’t a gaudy shape to get used too and all the buttons, even the top mounted one, are within a finger’s reach and are easily pressed. The battery life is more than enough for healthy gaming session to go uninterrupted and the capacity indicator on the charge dock is a classy touch.

The build quality of the Sensei bundle feels strong all around, especially with the paperweight like charging dock. The switches themselves are rated for 30 million clicks and there’s no reason to believe that SteelSeries are looking to deceive here. The scroll wheel’s tactile feedback is also reassuring that it won’t just turn into a slack wheel down the line.

Moving on to the price, as that’s the important metric you’re likely to consider above all, even at the high-end where the Sensei Wireless is firmly planted. SteelSeries have the Sensei Wireless as £130 RRP, but with some Googling  the mouse can be found for closer to £110 which is firmly in line with other manufacturers’ competing mice including Razer, Logitech and Asus. At £110 I don’t think the mouse represents particularly bad value for money if you bear in mind you’re almost exclusively paying a wireless premium here – albeit one in line with competing plug-and-play competitors. On the other hand, I think SteelSeries have done well with the pricing of the Sensei Wireless compared to the Rival which felt expensive for what it was.

The SteelSeries Sensei Wireless is a formidable gaming mouse, then, and at £110-30 it isn’t a prohibitively expensive one which is an area I feel SteelSeries usually miss the boat in. There’s everything here from functionality to battery capacity, shape and weight to suit anyone. The all-but ambidextrous design means if you’re still on the fence about a new mouse that might not suite a ‘leftie’, the is worth Sensei some consideration. It is a shame that more DPI settings can’t be applied to the function buttons but aside from this minor blip it’s hard to begrudge the Sensei Wireless of strong finish.

Lastly, thank you to SteelSeries for providing  today’s review sample. We look forward to covering more SteelSeries peripherals in the future.

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Brilliant mouse from SteelSeries that has all the bases covered from a usage, cost and design point of view. The limit of two DPI settings is the only blip.

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