Tt eSPORTS Level 10M Gaming Headset Review

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Thermaltake was originally established in 1999 with the desire to “deliver the perfect user experience”. Thermaltake uses innovation combined with consumer requirements to help in the design process of their products which ultimately leads to better quality products and a more aesthetically pleasing design. Since their establishment Thermaltake has also created two other divisions to help aid in the process of making sure their customers are getting what they need and desire. Tt eSPORTS is the division aimed at gamer’s and offers a wide range of peripherals from budget mice to premium headsets while Luxa2 is the division geared towards more lifestyle products such as mobile battery banks and Bluetooth speakers and headphones.

Today I will be taking a look at a product that was designed by Thermaltake in part with BMW, the Level 10M Gaming Headset. The 10M Headset offers a great design and is paired with 40mm drivers to offer a great sound. Coming in various colours, it is easy to see both Thermaltake and BMW wanted the Level 10M Headset to be expertly crafted and not only look amazing but have performance that matches. One of the things I personally like about the 10M headset is that they have also designed 10M Mice, both a standard wired version and a hybrid version that can be used wired or wireless to go along with the headset.

To get things started off let’s take a look at an unboxing video I did, followed by the technical specifications:

Thermaltake level 10m headset specs


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