Tt eSPORTS Level 10M Hybrid Review


[section_title title=”Real World Performance”]Real World Performance


The Level 10M Hybrid is a fairly big mouse that features two screws that users can adjust to better help with the ergonomics of the mouse. If you feel the mouse is not a 100% comfortable, turning the screws will either raise the top of the mouse up a bit, or even tilt it to the side depending on which screw you are using. There is also a small vented area atop the mouse that will help to reduce sweat during prolonged gaming sessions which in turn should make it more comfortable to use. As mentioned it is a bit on the big side but it does a good job of giving users the options of making it fit their needs.


The buttons all around the Level 10M Hybrid offer a nice clicky responsive feel to them and seem to be quite durable, even the thumb buttons are nice and responsive which is nice to see as sometimes companies slack on these a bit as they are not the primary buttons being used. When pressing any of the buttons there seems to be a good amount of feedback and clicks seem to register with no delay at all.


Featuring an 8200DPI Laser Sensonr, the tracking on the Level 10M Hybrid is responsive and smooth. During my testing I always use mice on my mouse mat and also on a wood desk and I can happily say the transition between the two was seamless and no real difference was noticed in the tracking or lift-off of the 10M Hybrid. Testing through a few of my favourite FPS to see how the mouse handles slower FPS and sup fast FPS gameplay the 10M Hybrid held up its end of the bargain and did not let me down.


One of the main selling points of this mouse is always one of the areas I was let down. When using the wireless, everything is good when in range and I didn’t really notice any differences in the responsiveness which was nice. The issue I had come across was the range, now the Level 10M Hybrid is rated for 10 Metre which I had some problems with. It seemed to be that if the receiver did not have a clear path to the mouse there would be quite a few problems, or it would not work at all. Having a play I noticed that when there were things in between the receiver and mouse, such as my keyboard it would not work properly. Now this is actually a big problem for me as I keep my PC under my desk and in it’s normal position the wireless function just was not useable, it was highly laggy and quite disappointing.


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