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From the moment I got the headset to review I was excited. It was a licensed product that had a lot of promise, and in some ways it works and others it doesn’t.

The headset is extremely comfortable and the design is gorgeous. It does lack in the colour of the lights on the side, but it is still a gorgeous piece of kit. The cups fitted nicely over my ears and they made me feel closer to the game, which is the best part of headsets for me.

The vibration feature doesn’t help the headset at all. In fact, I found it an unnecessary addition and I’m unsure as to who in the market would like this feature. Many a time it made me feel disorientated and it resulted in me turning it off completely.

The VGH does sometimes struggle with the bass to audio. In fact it seems a lot more went into the vibration than the quality of audio. I’m not saying that its bad, but it lacks what other headsets put more focus on which is strong audio quality.

The microphone does a decent job of capturing voice quality and I had no problem when shouting at people about their respective partners being horrible people. In fact it seemed that all of my rages did get picked up. The ability to take the mic off is also an excellent addition, but I do wish that someone could design a microphone that you can just push back into headset.

Most of all people want to know is it worth the money. It is a hard one to call to be honest. The headset does look beautiful and it fits the look of the PlayStation family very well. It doesn’t look cheap which is great for the price of the VGH. The headset does well, and there are more expensive products out there that don’t quite cut the mustard. So for me, I would recommend this headset to other PS4 gamers who are looking at a reasonably priced headset that works well with the experience, but don’t buy it for the vibration touch. It doesn’t help the product in my eyes.

I’d like to say a huge thank you to Venom for providing today’s sample. I really look forward to their future products and what they can do with their new licensed range.


  • Performance
  • Design
  • Value



•Licensed PS4 product that sits beautifully with the PlayStation family.
•Comfortable design that looks good on the eyes in its simplicity.
•Removable mic.


•Vibration setting does nothing for the product.
•Sound levels sometimes struggle with the bass.
•Sounds lacks something special.

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