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Starting at the front of the box we can see in typical Zowie fashion that it is very minimalist, with the new Zowie logo and the model naming being the only indication of what is inside the box. While it may not be as eye-catching as some of the competition, it does speak to the brand values very well in that it is all about function rather than form.


The story is the same around the back, with a plug for the Zowie website being the only information present.


Sliding out the inner box we can get our first glimpse of the mouse in it’s protective plastic moulding, it really is a bareboned affair but then again who likes paying for posh packaging instead of the product anyway?


Inside we have a Zowie sticker, some replacement feet for the mouse and an owners manual; no driver installation CD of course as Zowie kit is all about the plug and play.


From the rear we can see not much has changed on the looks front compared to the older EC mice, but we do of course have the new Zowie logo, which I have to say I am a fan of, it looks much cleaner than the old one.


Again the front of the mouse is very familiar, the white scroll wheel is actually not white when the mouse is on as it glows various colours to indicate the DPI setting you have selected.


From the side, we get a look at the overall profile that makes this a much more palm grip orientated mouse than the FK mice and we can also see the large thumb buttons which are perfectly positioned.


The right-hand side of the mouse is sparse, no buttons here of course because unlike a lot of Zowie mice the EC1-A is not ambidextrous.


The underside of the mouse is nothing too exciting, to the right of the sensor you can see the button that toggle the DPI presets, I don’t really understand why Zowie put it there instead of behind the scroll wheel for example, but most people buying this mouse are probably into LoL/Dota or CSGO where on the fly DPI changes aren’t the most crucial thing in the world so it’s no great tragedy in my opinion.


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