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Starting off with the packaging and more predominantly the front, the Cooler Master V750 SM comes in a primarily black box with silver and gold contrasts.  On the front itself, we have a shadowy image of the 750w power supply inside which mostly shows off the semi modular inputs featured with the V SM range.  We have the Cooler Master logo in the top left hand corner with the model number featured across the bottom and who can forget the 80 PLUS Gold efficiency thumbnail in the top right corner.

On the rear we have information regarding the V750 SM power supply in multiple languages; English, Chinese, Japanese, Italian, Spanish, French, German and Russian respectively.  There is also 2 x graphs on the rear; 1 for the fan curve and one for the efficiency curve.

Upon opening the box, I was first greeted with the instruction manual which also contains information regarding the manufacturer’s warranty.  Underneath this is of course the protective cardboard lining which not only keeps the V750 in place during transit, but provides a layer of protection from being pierced externally etc; next to this on the left is the cables including the power cable.

Taking a closer look at the accessories, we of course have the previously mentioned manual and power cable, but the V750 SM comes with the following addition modular cables:

8 x SATA power connectors

6 x Molex power connectors

1 x Floppy power connector.

These connections are spread across 4 cables which slot into the 4 provided modular sockets on the V750 SM 750w power supply itself.


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