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Taking a closer look at the Cooler Master V750 750w power supply itself, like most power supplies on the market, this particular model is black.  Now the Cooler Master OEM of choice for the VSM series is Enhance who are noted for their quality which shows Cooler Master have clearly gone in the right direction with this particular range.  The power supply also measures in at 5.9 x 5.5 x 3.4 inches which is pretty small and is quite shallow so should fit in “most” ATX cases; this includes the majority of M-ITX/M-ATX in my opinion.

On the side panel of the V750, we have a simple but effective design; this includes a corrugated styled top half with the Cooler Master logo and V750 branding towards the bottom half.  I personally like the simplistic design and the corrugated part actually adds a nice contrast and should catch LED lights (if you use them) pretty well.

The Cooler Master V750 SM 750w power supply features 4 additional inputs for modular cables and runs on a single rail totalling 62A on the main 12v line.  Pre-attached to the power supply is the 20+4pin 12v ATX motherboard cable, 4+4pin 12V CPU power cable and 4 x PCI-e 6+2pin cables with all of the peripheral power cables being attached to the modular cables provided.  The Cooler Master logo in the bottom left is also a nice little touch in my opinion.

The top of the power supply features all the technical information like on most power supplies which includes the total power output (750w on this model), the amperage on the different lines, the 80 PLUS Gold efficiency rating and of course the general European safety information required by law.  The label does have a nice contrast and isn’t a solid white like on quite a few; I find the silvery colour blends in a little more and contrasts pretty nicely with the black.

The V750 SM features a very unique fan shroud which looks absolutely sublime in my opinion; the aluminium and black contrast works very well and although this is usually hidden due to the positioning of power supplies in cases, I would be tempted to turn it the other way!  Cooler Master have also implemented a 120mm fan which is controlled automatically to provide the best possible noise/heat performance; the maximum speed is just over 1800rpm while the fan runs at a modest 9V.

The braiding featured on the pre-attached cables is pretty standard; the regular plastic flexi-braid and although there are better alternatives, this would come at an additional cost so let’s not go there.

The additional modular cables however are all slim flat plastic cables which in my opinion do look a lot better than the ones illustrated above; they also make cable management easier in my opinion.


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