Fractal Design Newton R3 600w Overview


[section_title title=”Packaging”]Packaging

The Newton R3 600w power supply comes encased in a very sleek looking box which features an illustration of both sides of Fractal Designs platinum rated power supply.  Other notable things on the front are official AMD Crossfire support, the inclusion of a 5 year warranty and useful things such as the brand and model number.  The design or the packaging follows a black to grey colour scheme with font in white.

The rear features the same design ethic as the front, but on the rear there is info such as the amount of cables included, the specifications of the power supply itself and even goes into detail regarding some of the features.

The packaging itself has 2 parts to it, the sleeve with all the information on and the white box inside the sleeve which contains all the components.  One thing I will say about this, the sleeve is prone to ripping so if you are like me and try to keep packaging in pristine condition, be careful with it!

Upon opening the box itself, I was greeted with a very nice plastic viewing insert which thanked me for choosing Fractal Design.  It also contains the user manual above the foam protection.

Included with the Fractal Design Newton R3 600w power supply, there is a modular cable kit which contains all the cables needed and there is  of course a plug.  Included here is a 2 pin EU style plug but those purchased in the UK will of course get the regular 3 pin version.

In the included modular cable kit, we have 2 x PCI-E cables, 3 x SATA cables all in different lengths, 2 x 4 pin Molex cables plus a floppy power and cable ties/screws to help with securing the PSU to your case/help with cable management.

Overall, if the power supply itself is as impressive as the packaging and its presentation, then Fractal Design will have a winner here; there isn’t one aspect of the packaging I am unhappy with and if anything, I couldn’t praise it enough!


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