Fractal Design Newton R3 600w Overview


[section_title title=”Closer Look – Exterior”]Closer Look – Exterior

Taking a look at what I consider to be the main side of the power supply, it has Fractal Design in large letters across the centre, with the model and wattage displayed in the bottom right hand side.  The Newton R3 600w has an all-black theme and is identical in looks to the last Newton R3 I previously reviewed.

The rear features a solid honeycomb steel mesh which houses the on/off switch and the 3 pin kettle lead power connection.  The honeycomb mesh is designed to allow sufficient airflow which aids in keeping the power supply itself cool; a cool PSU is a happy PSU.

Here we have the panel which features all the technical information regarding the power supply.  This includes information regarding the 80PLUS certification, amperage on the different rails of the power supply and safety information; most of the safety information boils down to common sense!

On the top of the Newton R3 600w power supply, we have the Fractal Design snowflake etched into the top panel which in my opinion adds something original to the design of the power supply.  This could be good inside your case if you have lighting effects which would certainly catch the snowflake and should give off a nice contrast.

Cooling the Newton R3 600w power supply is a 135mm ball bearing fan which like the font on the PSU, is also white.  This adds fantastic contrast in my opinion and sets the power supply off.  Fractal Design have designed the Newton R3 series to feature a semi-passive fan which not only means that it is going to reduce the noise level during general use, but it also allows people with good airflow in their cases to make use of it.

Last but not least, we have the main power cables which are pre-attached to the PSU and they are as follows:

1 x 20+4 pin ATX

1 x 8 pin ATX (12v)

2 x 6+2 pin PCI-E

There are enough connections without additional cables to run 2 x GPUs, a motherboard and CPU which is ample and although some people would love a fully modular PSU, you will pay through the teeth for that particular feature.

The cables themselves have a black plastic flex braid which I don’t personally like, but it is effective.  It is also see-through but for those wanting a more clean and professional look; you can always braid it yourself or buy pre-braided extensions.


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