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  • Brand: Fractal Design
  • Model: Newton R3 800w 80 Plus Platinum (Black)
  • Price: £129 (at time of review)

Sweden has been a popular export of many different companies, Ikea, Volvo and the birthplace of the ever popular Dreamhack. One company that have been making big waves in the case and power supply market is Fractal Design.  With a vision of producing products that are not only of the finest quality, but look great too has been a long term goal from the Scandinavian company.  Providing functional but sleek cases and products is pretty much their goal and I have admired many of their products for a while.

Taking what I just said into consideration, I do indeed have a Fractal Design component on my desk, more namely the Newton R3 800w power supply which features an 80 Platinum efficiency rating, is available in black and white and features a single 12v rail.  How will it do in our testing today and does it fall in line with the Fractal Design ethos?  Let’s find out, starting with the specifications…

What Fractal Design has to say about the Newton R3:

Fractal Design NEWTON R3 Series power supply units (PSUs) provide clean power efficiently and silently. The NEWTON R3 is the ultimate choice for demanding high-end gaming computers and ultra-quiet media PCs.

The visual appearance of NEWTON R3 Series PSUs is proof of Fractal Design’s commitment to providing innovative computer components infused with stylish, elegant, contemporary Scandinavian design.

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