SilverStone ST50F-ESB 500W Power Supply Overview


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The front of the box is normally going to be the thing most will see first and as such is the main selling point for most brick and mortar product purchases. SilverStone have done a great job giving users the main information to intrigue them and get them to want to further look into the ST50F-ESB.

The front of the box for the ST50F-ESB lets us know it has an up to 88% efficiency operating at 230V, an 80PLUs bronze rating and there is also a nice little list of some of the other features on the left hand side of the box. There is also a nice image of the PSU to give users an idea of what it will look like.

SilverStone ST50F-ESB Power Supply

On to the back of the box and we have a bit more information about the efficiency and the features list that was displayed on the front can be found in various different languages.

SilverStone ST50F-ESB Power Supply_4

On one side of the box is a small specs list as well as some more information on the voltages of the ST50F-ESB.

SilverStone ST50F-ESB Power Supply_5

The other side of the box lets us know what connectors it has so we can make sure it will power up everything we need it to.

SilverStone ST50F-ESB Power Supply_10

Inside the box are the power supply, mains lead and a couple of booklets that should have the information to answer most questions anyone will have on the ST50F-ESB.

SilverStone ST50F-ESB Power Supply_8

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