SilverStone ST50F-ESG Power Supply Overview


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The ST50F-ESG comes in a nicely designed box that just gives off the feeling of quality before even getting to the power supply itself. On the front of the box, we have the SilverStone logo in the top left and below this we can see it is part of the Strider Essential Series and has an 80 PLUS Gold rating. Coming across the middle of the box is a nice features list as well as an image of the PSU itself, across the bottom is just a little bit of more information on the ST50f-ESG.

SilverStone ST50F-ESG 1

On to the back of the box and there is where our international friends will hopefully be able to find the features list from the front in their native language.

SilverStone ST50F-ESG 2

One side of the box has all the information on the connectors the ST50F has; it also goes on to list the other models within the same range.

SilverStone ST50F-ESG 3

The last side that features any important information has a specifications list and more detailed information regarding power usage.

SilverStone ST50F-ESG 4

The ST50F is packaged quite well inside the box, the actual unit itself is protected by some nice thick foam to keep it from getting damaged, while the cables are on the outside of this they shouldn’t get damaged.

SilverStone ST50F-ESG 5

Aside from the power supply and power cable; SilverStone have included a pair of manuals and a few velcro cable tiebacks.

SilverStone ST50F-ESG 6

The SilverStone ST50F-ESG comes equipped with a 120mm fan to keep its internal components cool even in the most strenuous situations. Also featured on the fan is a sticker with the SilverStone logo on it.

SilverStone ST50F-ESG 7

One thing I would personally not like to see is all of this information that is featured on one side. While the information can be handy, it is featured on the box and I am sure it is not really needed on the PSU itself and while it doesn’t hurt or affect anything I just don’t care to see it.

SilverStone ST50F-ESG 8

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