SuperFlower Golden Silent 500w Power Supply Overview

A silent and passively designed 500w power supply with an 80PLUS Platinum efficiency rating from SuperFlower, but is the Golden Silent really "silent"?


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If the box is anything to go by, the power supply inside would be a flowery haven of lilac lilies; of course that is never going to be a reality but describing the packaging in a few words, it’s vibrant to say the least! With a Purple/white theme throughout, Superflower have included their signature butterfly logo and included relevant details pertaining to a few features; this includes 80PLUS Platinum certification, the units power output (500w) and of course the silent fan-less operation of this particular unit.

Superflower Golden Silent 500w 1

The rear touches more on the specifications as well as features such as being turned on and off more than 2000 times; it should turn on and work fine upon powering! The Gold Silent also features the 80PLUS Platinum efficiency rating giving 92% efficiency at 50% load; very impressive for a passive unit.

Superflower Golden Silent 500w 2

Upon opening the box, the first item to appear is the instruction and user manual; most people never bother reading through them but if anything goes wrong with the installation, you will kick yourself! Under that we have the power supply unit itself along with the modular cables. The Golden Silent is surrounded by foam and comes wrapped in bubble wrap for maximum protection during transit.

The only thing that disappointed me with the contents was the EU regulation 2 pin plug socket; a 3pin is needed for the UK and this sample came from Overclockers UK; I have tons of them so it isn’t a problem, but not everyone does!

Superflower Golden Silent 500w 3

Superflower Golden Silent 500w 4

This particular power supply is semi-modular and comes with flat ribboned cables which aid greatly in cable management; always a good thing. The Superflower Golden Silent 500w also comes with 2 x 6pin + 6+2pin PCI-e connectors so SLI and crossfire is available; not that I would recommend that on a 500w power supply however.

Superflower Golden Silent 500w 5

Superflower Golden Silent 500w 6

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