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Jumping right into things and as you may be aware we at Play3r are still in the process of obtaining a load tester so for the moment our PSU tests are carried out with a multi-meter which some may deem inadequate but at the end of the day, it does give use some results and it is much better than just opening the box and saying how good something is without testing it. Our testing procedure on power supplies may not be the best at the moment, but its damn far from the worse and we are doing what we can, so with that being said…

Taking a look at what performance tests we can run and the results were well within the acceptable ranges. While this was just done with a multi-meter as mentioned I am more than confident in saying you shouldn’t run into any problems in this aspect. If you do happen to run into any problems the TR2 range does come with a 3-year warranty which should be more than enough time to find out if there is a problem or not.

When taking a look at the design, this is not really a fair category to judge the TR2 on as it’s not really meant to be flashy or be the main piece of eye-candy in your build. The TR2 range is more designed to give users a fully functional power supply that they won’t have to worry of it blowing their system and/or breaking the bank. The TR2 does its jobs and while it surely won’t be chosen for its aesthetics, the internal design of the PSU is spot on.

Lastly, taking a look at the value and the TR2 falls into the correct price range, though it may be towards to more expensive side just a bit. With so many competitors out there and each one having different ranges of power supplies from different OEM’s, it is hard to compare values. When it comes down to it the 600W TR2 is priced with its competitors and if you are looking specifically for a Thermaltake power supply there is nothing to worry about as for the money you are getting a solid power supply.


  • Performance
  • Design
  • Value



– 80+ Rating
– 3 year warranty
– Plenty of connectors


– Not very aesthetically pleasing
– Price could be better

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