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Closer Look

So how do you describe a power supply? Well it’s relatively box shaped, although the XFX XT500 does have some very unique aesthetic attributes. First of all, there is a large XT logo on both long sides of the unit, with another one located on the cable connector panel.

XFX XT500 Main 1
In terms of dimensions, the XFX XT500 is 140x150x86mm (LxWxH) which puts it on the rather small side, perfect for those systems with limited space. With this unit being ATX it isn’t Small Form Factor, nor will it fit in a lot of ITX cases, but for an ATX power supply it is certainly very small.

XFX XT500 Main 2The XT500 combines the use of flat ribboned cables, with a plastic braided 24pin ATX cable. The flat ribbon cables are especially good for tight spaces, giving us the impression that it’s perfect for a low powered build with not much room for cable management.
With a single rail design, the XT500 offers a total peak output of 500w, which is perfect for a single GPU system, although this PSU does support CrossFire; incidentally, XFX also manufacturer AMD graphics cards. (hint, hint)

XFX XT500 Main 4As previously mentioned, the XT500 is equipped with an internal 120mm fan!

XFX XT500 Main 5

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