XFX XT500 500w Power Supply Overview


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Final Thoughts

Now if you are clued up on your power supply manufacturers, you will know that XFX are well known for using Seasonic as their OEM of choice. Well in this case, it isn’t EXACTLY accurate; the XFX XT range is designed by Seasonic, but produced by Hydance which is a subsidiary of Seasonic. Is this a bad thing? Of course not, in fact it’s actually very understandable given this particular unit’s wallet friendly price and low power output.

So what does £40-45 of your hard earned money get you? Well it gets you a very nice looking little power supply which is perfect for basic single graphics card equipped rigs; I really wouldn’t run SLI or CF configurations at all on a unit this size. It should also be noted that the XFX XT500 conforms to the 80PLUS regulations and scores a very nice Bronze rating for its efforts. Performance in our limited testing was also well within the standards, although the 12v rail seemed a little wider than we would have expected under load; still it’s no big deal!

If size is a limiting factor and you need a small, but good quality power supply, then the XFX XT500 500w certainly should be considered; after all, Seasonic are a top OEM in the power supply market and although not technically fully Seasonic, it’s certainly not a bad unit! The only negative for me is the lacklustre 2 year warranty.

Huge thanks to XFX for sending a sample of the XT500 in for review.

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