QPAD QH-90 White Review


Taking a look at what’s currently on offer to gamers, enthusiasts and general users, there is no shortage of designs, colours and shapes of gaming peripherals to choose from.  Choosing the right gaming gear can be a tedious task at the best of times with a huge selection available and it can take a pretty eye catching design to get noticed from pedigree crop, but how do you choose your weapon?  Well I would like to talk about one brand in particular, QPAD.

With QPADs main objective focusing on arming the plethora of professional gamers with peripherals worth yearning for, there is a huge market for products that look good and perform equally as well.  With sleek and stylish Swedish design, it’s down to the performance of their products that people will buy their stock.  Having previously had a look at their MK-80 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard, it’s time to take a look at something different from their range.

Sound is just as important to gamers than any other peripheral, especially in first-person shooters, where are those shots coming from? Can I hear footsteps? Is that semtex I can hear beeping below me?  All these things are definitely important for even the casual gamer, as it has a direct impact on performance and the overall experience.

In my possession today is one of QPADs QH-90 gaming headsets in white. How does it perform? Is it worthy of being called a gaming headset? Or does it fall flat on its ear cups?

Let’s find out, starting with the specifications

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